Peter Hopkins

Peter grew up in Adelaide and completed a Bachelor of Science and Diploma of Education at Flinders University. His studies in plant physiology and marine biology have held him in good stead as he continues to seek understanding of the natural world. He has been a science educator at several Adelaide schools as well as at Bristol Cathedral School in the U.K.

Peter has a strong commitment to conservation and in the 1980s he established a Trees for Life grower and distribution depot at Pulteney Grammar School. He has worked in plant propagation at production nurseries and he maintains an ongoing interest in carnivorous plants, begonias and bonsai.

Peter’s passion for the sciences and horticulture has been equally balanced with his love of music. Over the past 40 years he has performed as a classical singer in opera, oratorio, Gilbert and Sullivan and the concert recital stage. He has conducted several choirs and directed many stage productions of opera and musicals, as well as establishing a career as a prominent singing teacher.

Painting has been an ongoing passion and for more than 50 years, Peter has combined art with his work in sciences and music. From 1995 to 2000 he studied oil painting at the Panorama Art School. Drawing classes at the Adelaide Central School of Art have helped to develop his observational skills and he has taken classes with several excellent teachers through his involvement with the Burnside Painting Group from 2016 to the present, where he has been awarded prizes in their SALA exhibitions.

In 2018 Peter relocated to Peterborough in order to pursue his writing projects and to continue to develop his art, with a focus on the Flinders Ranges and the Australian outback. He has a strong involvement in the Peterborough Art Prize and he is very pleased to be a part of the Painters of the Flinders Ranges.

Peter Hopkins:

Mobile : 0411 537 884